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The Parish of Mitcham has had fourteen incumbents. Since 1893 the Incumbent has been styled Rector of the parish.

The first entry in the first minute book for Saint Michael's church states that it "was opened for Divine Service on Sunday, October 17, 1852." Prayers were read by the first incumbent minister, Rev E. H. Burnett and a sermon was preached by Bishop Short, the Lord Bishop of Adelaide.

Reverend Burnett's signature as Chairman of meetings does not appear after September 1855, and he died at sea in 1856 on his way to England.

  memorial stone to Rev EH Burnett

In 1858 Reverend R. W. Needham succeeded the Reverend Burnett, and presided over his first Easter Vestry Meeting in April 26, 1859. It was during his incumbency that plans were submitted to an architect, Mr. Edmund Wright, for additions to the church. Reverend Needham resigned in August 1863.


Rev RW Needham


The Reverend Needham was succeeded in by Reverend William Buckton Andrews early in 1864. It was during his incumbency that the position of an organist is first mentioned In October 1868 Reverend Andrews resigned, to become the incumbent at Christ Church, Mount Gambier.


Rev WB Andrews


In February 1869, the Reverend Henry Read became the incumbent at St. Michael's. It was during his time, in 1871, that the (old) rectory was built, and the first steps were taken to secure a suitable organ. It was found at this time also that the walls and foundation of the church were found to be in a faulty condition, and the building of a new church was discussed. However, the necessary repairs were under- taken for about £ 200. In May 1878, Reverend Read resigned.


Rev H Read


The Reverend J. F. Hocter succeeded Reverend Read early in 1879. During his incumbency, he proposed plans for the erection of a Parish Hall. He did not see his proposal carried into effect, for he resigned while on leave in England in 1883.


Rev JF Hocter


During July 1883, the Reverend G. H. Farr was inducted incumbent of the parish, and stayed until December of the same year. He came to the Parish from St. Peter's College, where he was Head Master. His wife Julia is remembered for Farr House, and the Home For Incurables.


Rev GH Farr

Mrs Julia Farr


In February 1884, the Reverend Alfred Sells succeeded Reverend Farr, and stayed for 4 years, during which time affairs progressed quietly and harmoniously. His daughter took a lively interest in the Sunday School.


Rev A Sells


Reverend Frederick W Samwell became incumbent on July 5 1888. During his time, the foundation stone of St. Michael's Hall was laid, and he opened a day school in a rented cottage. He resigned in 1893.


Rev FW Samwell


1893 marks an important change in the history of St. Michael's Church. The Reverend Albert W Clampett became the parish's first rector. It was in his time that a new alms dish and the western window in cathedral glass were presented, and the daughter church of St. Columba's was established.


Rev AW Clampett


Reginald Henry Pearman Th. L became Rector in 1939, and stayed for 23 years, until 1962. His memorial window which can be seen here. Father Pearman was a carpenter in his youth, hence his memorial, "Christ the Carpenter"


Rev R Pearman


James Younger MacDonald Th. LAA. S. A. was Rector from 1962 until 1976. Father McDonald was an accountant before entering the ministry, and a former prison chaplain.


Rev JY MacDonald


Canon Andrew W Cheesman B. A. was Rector of Mitcham from 1976 - 2001.


Rev AW Cheesman


The Reverend Nigel Mitchell, Rector of Mitcham from January 2002 - May 2007.

  Rev N Mitchell



The Reverend Keith Brice, Rector of Mitcham from May 2008 - September 2013.

  Fr Keith Brice

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